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Farm-Raised Metropolitan Fare

Just as Barley, Wheat & Rye supports the local artisans—from Copper Run Distillery to Mother's Brewing Company—who dedicate their lives to crafting the finest libations, Metropolitan Farmer supports the nearby family farms and ranches that raise the food we serve.

Locally raised, organic cuisine: We serve it. We support it. We love it.

The Perfect Cocktail

Although its true origins are widely disputed, the term cocktail, dates back over 200 years. Much of its true allure was lost after prohibition, but after a lot of reading, not to mention a lot of drinking, a revival is in full swing. Given the nation's reawakened thirst for tasteful fun, we here at Barley, Wheat, and Rye Social House hope to divulge your senses on what we consider one of the finest joys in life: the great American cocktail.

Beer. Here.

Beer is probably the world's oldest beverage, dating back thousands of years. Like the cocktail, beer's ultimate origins are widely disputed. We do, however, know that its importance is unparalleled in the development of civilization—and the hangover. Although today's versions are much stronger and diverse than they once were, we'd like to encourage you to go ahead and have your daily brew. Why not start with something local?